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Whether it is the inability to stream video, send that email to an important client, or simply surf the web, there is little that is more frustrating to a customer than unacceptable Wi-Fi. Poor Wi-Fi increases provider cost, negative customer experiences and ultimately customer churn.

Hear an interview with Shaw Communications, Cam Kernahan, Vice President IP & Video Technology on the impact Kyrio’s Wireless Testing made in helping his organization deliver a better network. Join Mitch Ashley, President & General Manager; Wylie Nelson, Vice President Wireless & Testing, and Mark Poletti, Director Wireless as they share how Kyrio’s Wireless Testing provides actionable intelligence and unique solutions to our customers.


Enabling Solutions

Kyrio provides leading edge online data and network technology services to network communications providers, equipment manufacturers, and enterprises to increase bottom line results and accelerate bringing new products and services to market. Kyrio is a subsidiary of CableLabs.
Managed PKI Security

The most successful, globally managed Public Key Infrastructure service trusted by network service providers, device manufactures and enterprises across cable, broadband, Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint (HotSpot 2.0) and smart grid industry ecosystems.

Kyrio is the leading provider of digital certificates to members of the Wi-Fi Alliance, Wireless Broadband Alliance and OpenADR industry associations. Kyrio is a Symantec Preferred Partner.


Wi-FI & SDN NfV Testing

Kyrio launches new SDN NfV Interoperability Lab!

Kyrio brings decades experience in interoperability, certification and testing of network devices. Kyrio testing includes Wi-Fi (access point and endpoint) devices, powerline and network equipment.

Kyrio testing services aids equipment manufactures in creating very high-performance network equipment and guides communications providers in making the best equipment procurement decisions for their networks.


Wi-Fi testing info

Customer Lead Management

Cloud-based customer engagement and lead management platform for cable video, broadband, and voice providers.

Go2Broadband connects consumers and providers quickly and easily from a variety of locations including their home, in retail stores, and over the Web.


Wireless Roaming Hub

Wi-Fi roaming services that simplifies and expands customer network access across multiple wi-fi network providers, with operations and back office settlement solutions for service providers.


Passionate Customers

“Kyrio and its Wi-Fi testing service played a critical role in ensuring Shaw made the right technology decisions when we rolled out a new multimillion-dollar service offering to our business customers.” – Zoran Stakic, Chief Technology Officer and SVP, Technology and Network Operations, Shaw Communications Inc.

“Kyrio provided a solid and fair assessment conducting a technology test for my company. They utilized industry standards based equipment, provided prompt feedback, and fair pricing for the detailed and great work delivered by their team. I highly recommend using their services as a respected third party test house.”

Innovative Leadership

Kyrio's leadership team is a diverse set of business and people leaders passionate about customer success, company culture, creating high performance teams, and attracting and investing in great people.
Mitch Ashley
President & General Manager

Mitch leads Kyrio’s strategy, business development and operations across Kryio’s multiple lines of business. As an entrepreneur and a technology leader, he brings over twenty years of experience creating new products and services in the security, internet, telecommunications, and banking industries.

Prior to joining Kyrio, Mitch held a variety of entrepreneurial and leadership roles in startup and established companies. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Information Technologies at CableLabs, delivering technology solutions for the cable industry’s global research and development organization. Before that, Mitch was co-founder, CTO, CIO and VP of Engineering at StillSecure, a leading provider of award winning network security products to the U.S. Department of Defense, federal civilian government agencies, and large and medium sized enterprises. Previously, as CIO and VP of Engineering at Jato Communications, Mitch led the creation of a national broadband network. He spearheaded the creation U S West’s early Internet online services, and led the development and deployment of video-on-demand, home shopping, and other services for U S West’s HFC cable network in Omaha, Nebraska. He was a founding member and leader of EDS’ Advanced Technology Group, and was instrumental in creating and building the Future Systems banking division business. Mitch also co-founded and created multiple other businesses, including BoldTech Systems, Vozle, The CISO Group, and his first company started during college, Softform Software.

Mitch received his B.S. in Business Administration and Computer Science from the University of Nebraska.

Michelle Rousseau
Head of Culture

Michelle Rousseau is Head of Culture for Kyrio, responsible for developing and cultivating our strong culture to drive enterprise value.

Our employee’s happiness is a valued byproduct of that dedicated work. The vital focus on our culture is tightly woven into our business goals. Michelle takes a collaborative approach, bringing in her strategic and visionary strengths to inform all systems that impact “how we work.” Michelle graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Sociology and a parallel focus on Psychology and has enjoyed working with the human element of business for ten years. Her passion lies in facilitating an environment that enables the best possible way of working.

A strong proponent of the Gallup Strengths Finder assessment, her top five strengths include, in order: Achiever, Futuristic, Responsibility, Strategic and Developer.

Jen Shelby
Vice President Online Services

Jen has a passion for bringing organizations to life, particularly when they deliver new value to customers. She has extensive experience supporting the growth and viability of start-ups and emerging companies. Most recently, she served as head of Client Services for a Silicon Valley agency with a rich history of helping clients launch new brands, reinvigorate existing ones, and introduce innovative new products.

Previously Jen was VP Managing Director for Astia, a technology incubator, where she directed marketing for a global portfolio of young companies, resulting in 22 exits and 3 IPO’s.

Jen received her B.S. in Business Administration from Colorado State University, is a ACC certified business coach and a speaker at entrepreneur conferences.

Wylie Nelson
Vice President Wireless & Testing

Wylie spearheads Kyrio’s wi-fi hub, wi-fi testing, and SDN/NVF testing businesses. He brings a strategic business background, combining product management, business development, sales, operations, marketing, and legal experience driving strong revenue growth.

Prior to joining Kyrio, Wylie led multiple product development initiatives at Zayo, helping to drive outstanding growth leading to an IPO and positioning Zayo to be a leading bandwidth infrastructure provider. Prior to Zayo, Wylie was an attorney providing legal services for telecom, financial and legal verticals.

Wylie received his J.D. and MBA from the University of Colorado and his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. He is a member of the Colorado Bar Association.

Simon Krauss
Vice President & General Counsel

In overseeing the legal affairs of Kyrio, Simon brings over 25 years experience providing legal guidance and resolution on a wide range of domestic and international business issues including, technology licensing, corporate law, employment law, telecommunications, trademark, copyright, tax, privacy, cybersecurity and general security matters.

Simon’s background includes serving as Deputy General Counsel at Cable Television Laboratories, Inc., and prior engagements as legal counsel at private and publicly held technology companies and experience in private practice assisting start-up and established businesses.

In addition to his B.A. in Anthropology from Northwestern University (Simon was an archaeologist prior to his legal career), a Masters in International Studies and Juris Doctor from the University of Denver, Simon has held an accreditation as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) for over 10 years and is an inventor on the “Zero Sign On Authentication” Patent.

About Us

Thought Leadership


Kyrio: Powered by Culture

By Michelle Rousseau, Head of Culture, Kyrio, Inc.

Building Kyrio “culture first” was one of Mitchell Ashley’s highest priorities when he took the position as President and GM of Kyrio last summer. Evidence of this decision is that his first Kyrio hire was me as Head of Culture. My blogs will reveal the impact a steadfast focus on culture has on bringing the value of proven technologies to new customers, markets and industries served by Kyrio.

Head of Culture at Kyrio

Creating a unique psychological space and developing an environment that supports our unique business and talent goals is a more straight-forward responsibility when you start fresh, but starting from scratch wasn’t what we were blessed with. Knowing that we were migrating several services born in CableLabs into Kyrio along with their teams, I was tasked with creating a unique culture congruent and fluid with our parent company. Employees of CableLabs would actually be sitting at their same desks but moving under the Kyrio brand, becoming Kyrio employees, along with new hires and talent from other experiences and industries. We had to increase the pace, create and align to the Kyrio vision, and increase transparency and communication that’s needed in a customer and service focused organization. Most importantly, we needed to understand what it meant now that we are supporting paying customers relying on Kyrio for technologies essential to their business success.

Basic ingredients that helped define our culture were shared beliefs in customer love, forward-thinking contagious passion, courageous and grounded integrity and a strong, diverse community. Our bias to action is unstoppable and our promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit makes everyone feel like they can make a difference without asking for permission. We defined five characteristics using input from all of our employees, which led to our cultural foundation; Customer, Community, Speed, Passion and Integrity.

Our culture is truly one created by our employees. This collaboration took place using a variety of methods. We used official change management frameworks paired with social experiments, experiential culture-immersion sessions, a lot of whiteboard space and a few new tools based in positive psychology to help embed our collective cultural understanding. I would be remiss to leave out blood, sweat and tears plus a lot of hard work by everyone.


As I write this blog on May 12th, 2016, 8 months after we began, I can say we created a strong cultural foundation that’s taken root, yet the work is far from over. I will write a series of blog posts that will look historically at how we developed our culture, including lessons learned and offer useful advice. I will also touch on what still lies ahead for us in building, maintaining and enhancing our culture at Kyrio.

Culture is a big reason why our customers and employees love working with us. Our focus on Customer, Passion, Integrity, Speed and Community drive this home. Future blog posts will take you behind the scenes so you can witness how our approach to each of these characteristics adds true value back to our company and, most importantly, our customers.

“Kyrio: powered by culture.” – Michelle Rousseau, Head of Culture



Michelle Rousseau

Kyrio Announces NFV/ SDN Interoperability Lab

By Wylie Nelson, VP of Wireless & Testing, Kyrio, Inc. –

Last week at NFV World Congress, Phil McKinney, CableLabs President & CEO and Kyrio board member, announced Kyrio’s NFV / SDN Interoperability lab.

By opening


a full time lab for the NFV / SDN ecosystem, Kyrio provides an environment where manufacturers, network providers and software developers work together to solve integration challenges and demonstrate cross-product and vendor interoperability.

Interoperability is the Key for NFV / SDN Success

The accelerating trend to software based networks for service providers and enterprises has increased the number of components and device manufacturers that need to interoperate.  Network interoperability is key to the growth and stability of any network and it is important to validate interoperability on a breadth of hardware and software platforms.  Kyrio is expanding its globally recognized interoperability testing capabilities to include NFV and SDN to meet the needs of future network deployments.

While a vibrant NFV and SDN ecosystem has emerged and early deployments are underway, achieving multi-vendor interoperability remains a key challenge. Individual manufacturers are challenged to acquire, test and demonstrate the cross-vendor interoperability that network operators expect from NFV/SDN. Hardware manufacturer X will have challenges getting its competitive manufacturer Y to bring its solution to X’s lab to demonstrate interoperability. To add complexity, Operator A, B, and C’s use cases must run on software providers’ N, O, P, and Q solutions. Multiply that problem many times over to capture the many different players and demonstrating NFV and SDN ecosystem interoperability becomes a challenge.

Kyrio’s NFV/SDN Interop Lab Will Drive the Ecosystem Forward

Kyrio’s NFV/SDN Interop Lab will operate full time as a collaborative environment for hardware providers, chip manufacturers, software providers, and all stakeholders of the NFV/SDN ecosystem.  Our NFV/SDN Interop Lab, located in Louisville, CO and Sunnyvale, CA, is available for customer visits and to run customer scenario interoperability demonstrations.

By testing hardware and software solutions in Kyrio’s trusted and unbiased third party interoperability lab, NFV hardware and software vendors can gain credibility, speed their products to market, and demonstrate NFV/SDN interoperability to their customers.

Network operators can help accelerate the development of interoperable NFV/SDN solutions by encouraging vendor participation in interoperability events and deploying test scenarios in Kyrio’s lab. Be sure to encourage your NFV hardware and software partners to consider working together in Kyrio’s trusted interoperability lab with a long track record of success and vendor-neutrality.

Fostering Technology Ecosystems To Interoperate Is One of Our Specialties

Kyrio, a subsidiary of CableLabs, builds upon CableLabs’ long history of working with multiple vendors to quickly bring new technologies to market including the all important interoperability component essential to SDN’s evolution.  Cable system operators, like all network providers, are very interested in NFV/SDN for the benefits it can provide.  As such, Cablelabs has taken leadership roles in NFV/SDN’s evolution including:

  • OPNFV – Board Member, Founding Member
  • ETSI NFV – Network Operator Council Chair, Security Working Group Chair
  • Open Daylight – User Advisor Group

Further, CableLabs will host the very first OPNVF Plugfest at its Louisville, CO labs from May 9th thru the 13th.   For more information, read CableLabs’s own Tetsuya Nakamura’s blog post.

If you have any further questions, please contact




Wylie Nelson

What You Need to Know About Networked Device Security

By Simon Krauss, Vice President & General Counsel, Kyrio, Inc.

Kyrio Provides The Cable Industry With the Same PKI Security Used In Banks and by the Military

Cable modems, set top boxes and cable modem termina


tion systems (the server in the cable headend that communicates with the cable modem) are all part of a security architecture that uses a Public Key Infrastructure or PKI. PKI is the same security architecture that banks and the military use for their security. When managed correctly, PKI provides the strongest means of authenticating and authorizing devices. That is, through PKI you can control which devices communicate with each other and what information may be exchanged between the devices.

How PKI Works

PKI Works like Your Driver’s License

Everyone trusts your driver’s license to identify what you look like, your name and your date of birth (your height and weight – not so much).  This trust is created because each Department of Motor Vehicles office is a governmental entity that relies upon trusted third party documentation (generally government issued documents) to identify who you are, where you live and and when you were born. Driver’s licenses do not authenticate your height and weight because you provide that information personally. Some people are not as tall and lean as their driver’s license would indicate.

PKI and Devices

In a PKI, each device gets a digital certificate, which like a driver’s license, is unique to each device.  In the case of cable, the digital certificate provides information as to which company manufactured the device and, like a driver’s license, when the digital certificate expires. The digital certificate is then used to give network access and identify the device. The digital certificate is also used to encrypt communication between the devices. This means that each device can trust who it is communicating with and that the communication is secure.

Digital certificates are also created to sign software. This ensures that each cable device will only accept code that comes from the device manufacturer or the cable operator. This helps keep malware out of cable devices (but, unfortunately, not out of subscriber’s devices as they do not receive cable digital certificates). Digital certificate expiration periods are set for the approximate life of the device or the time needed to control digital certificate usage.

Kyrio Manages the PKI for the Cable Industry

Kyrio manages the cable industry PKI on behalf of our parent company CableLabs and ensures that each company is authenticated (they are who they say they are). Each company is contractually bound to the rules for managing the digital certificates.  Kyrio then works with companies like Symantec to create the digital certificates under extremely high security. The digital certificates are then securely delivered in batches the device manufacturer or code signer.

The cable PKI may be one of the largest PKIs in the world, with over  400 million digital certificates issued.  Kyrio works closely with the manufacturers and cable operators to operate and govern the cable PKI successfully. To date, there have not been any compromises of cable digital certificates in the field. Kyrio also continually reviews its PKI to increase its security. Recently, the size of the cryptographic key was increased in creating digital certificates. This makes the digital certificates even harder to compromise.

Not All PKI is Secure

Cable, banking, and the military are not the only ones using PKI. Companies use PKI for controlling communications and access. PKI is most commonly used to create SSL certificates, an important part of the https protocol you use when you are using your credit card online. These other PKI uses, however, are under attack.

Often times, PKIs are created but the operations and governance are not managed.  This leads to uncertainty as to who has what digital certificates and the risk of hacking of the PKI.  The ongoing management of the PKI infrastructure is critical to maintaining device security.

Kyrio’s Managed PKI

Kyrio, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CableLabs, takes the learning, experience,  and knowledge learned in managing the PKI for the cable industry and applies it to other industries. Kyrio provides PKI management, operations, and governance to the electrical grid (through the OpenADR Alliance) and the Wi-Fi Alliance as well as global enterprises.

To learn more about our PKI portfolio of products and services contact

Simon Krauss

Kyrio’s Wireless Testing Provides Actionable Intelligence

By Wylie Nelson, VP of Wireless Services, Kyrio, Inc. –

“My Wi-Fi doesn’t work!”  Right now, someone in a call center somewhere is listening to a customer about problems with their Internet. Increasingly, Wi-Fi


is the primary network connectivity to Internet services.  Whether it is the inability to stream video, send that email to an important client, or simply surf the web, there is little that is more frustrating to a customer than unacceptable Wi-Fi.

Poor Wi-Fi increases provider costs and negative customer experiences.

As the customer call center representative listens to the customer, they prepare to walk through the traditional steps.  Do you have a connection on any other devices?  Have you reset the device? Have you power-cycled it?  Do you have it set up correctly?  Unfortunately, the list of “easy fixes” is too short and ultimately a technician is dispatched to address the problem which does not immediately fix the customer’s issues and costs the service provider money.

Kyrio’s testing services help service providers deliver a better network.

Nowhere is this statement more evident than Kyrio’s wireless testing services.  Kyrio’s Anechoic Chamber and 4,000+ sq ft. test house provides our team the necessary tools for wireless testing.  However, it is the team and deep experience working with service providers and network equipment manufactures that really set Kyrio’s testing services apart.

In many cases, Kyrio’s resources extend to the individuals who helped develop many of the standards or even the underlying technology being tested. 

Kyrio Wireless Testing Services



RF Performance Testing CTIA standard TRP and TIS testing in three 2.4 GHz band channels and six 5 GHz band channels
RF Characterization Testing Co-channel, adjacent channel, transmitter mask, and evaluation of wireless device in Anechoic chamber
Field Performance and Evaluation Standard simulated prediction modeling, field testing and evaluation of wireless devices in Kyrio’s test house
Customized Testing and Consulting Services Custom testing, consulting, and engineering services tailored to our customer’s needs

Wireless testing is not easy. Before reviewing how Kyrio does it, let’s look at what makes meaningful Wi-Fi device testing difficult:

  • FCC Type Acceptance has not-to-exceed limits, but no minimum level
  • Wi-Fi certification is for interoperability, not performance validation
  • Performance such as throughput, range and interference may vary per Wi-Fi device and configuration settings
  • Lowest performing device has the greatest impact to all users on network

To deliver actionable insights, our customers rely on Kyrio.

Kyrio’s testing delivers actionable insights

While there are many aspects to Wi-Fi performance, I would like to highlight some of the services that we deliver to service providers:

  • Performance results regarding the orientation of Access Points (APs)
  • 3-D modeling of antenna radiation
  • Performance data comparing multiple APs

The graphic shown below depicts the relationship between a specific access point’s antenna orientation.  For one device, Kyrio tested that the orientation was significant as the TRP difference between the front of the access point and the back of the access point was greater than ~20 dB.  That will cause a significant difference in the user’s experience.


Taking the insight a little further, Kyrio provides a physical 3D model of the antenna radiation to help our customer better visualize the output.

Another example of a particularly useful test Kyrio performed for one customer was a performance comparison between several access points.  When we ran the devices through their paces, comparing performance across channels was particularly illustrative.  As the chart below showed, one device (purple bar) outshined the others while another (green bar) had more than a 50% reduction in performance in select channels.  This information was critical to our customer in making their product selection.

Kyrio’s testing services gave our customer a better understanding of their wireless network.

If the customer service professional mentioned earlier had some of these insights the annoyed customer’s problems are solved quickly. A visit from a technician becomes unnecessary.  Even better, Kyrio’s test results can eliminate the customer’s annoyance from ever occurring.  Armed with the Kyrio test results the service provider can select a better device and install it correctly. Issues can be eliminated  before they happen. Kyrio’s work makes  networks better.

If you’d like to learn more about Kyrio’s wireless testing services, please contact

Wylie Nelson


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