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What We Do

For manufacturers and service providers, Kyrio accelerates and deploys new network innovations into the ecosystem. Backed by the power of CableLabs, Kyrio sets technology on a path to commercialization, enabling not just today but tomorrow’s communication.

Kyrio is a subsidiary of CableLabs.

Our History

Seeing a need to propel innovation forward in the long term, Kyrio was spun out of CableLabs in 2012 to further commercialization efforts of research and development innovations created inside of CableLabs.

With this move, Kyrio works directly with service providers and device manufacturers to provide customized services to help solve their unique challenges and reach their business goals.

Kyrio also acts as an extended commercialization engine for CableLabs outside of the cable industry. We extend the reach of technology development to other industries, including energy, industrial and commercial IoT and medical. Today Kyrio works with several trade associations, including the Center for Medical Interoperability, OpenADR Alliance, the Open Connectivity Foundation and the Wireless Broadband Alliance, to further technological innovation.

Our Work

Kyrio Testing Services

Kyrio Testing Services provides certification, interoperability, stability, performance, compatibility and validation testing. Our team creates customized testing plans to fit our customers’ needs. We provide deep technical analysis into the performance of networked and wireless devices so our customers are empowered to make informed business decisions.

Kyrio Security Services

Kyrio’s Security Services is the foundation of network security for some of the largest networks in the world. Through our rich history with CableLabs in providing high-end security for DOCSIS® networked devices, we are experts at designing, governing and managing large public key infrastructure (PKI) ecosystems. Our scalable PKI expands to meet the growth needs of both device manufacturers and network operators. Industries served include commercial and consumer Internet of Things (IoT), broadband and wireless, energy smart grid, medical, and more.

Kyrio Online Services

Kyrio’s location-based tools instantly match service and offer availability to specific addresses through online marketplaces for both home and business. Our industry-leading expertise ensures our platforms are built with both the professional service provider and end customer in mind, enabling buyers and sellers to seamlessly connect.

Mission Statement

We will not rest until we are the world’s most reliable innovation resource. Our mission is to enable the future of communications across all industries by creating actionable intelligence to ensure the best connectivity. This is our focus so you can build stronger networks, embark on groundbreaking marketplaces with confidence, and enable meaningful business and customer interactions.

Security Ecosystem


years in operation

500 mil

digital certificates issued


of devices deployed


$20 mil

invested since 2002


benches in the cert lab, proto/interop and concept/visiting lab


Devices certified, qualified, verified

Online Services


million transactions each year


of all homes passed in US

134 mil

homes served by Kyrio’s Go2Broadband service