Accelerating IoT Devices to Market for Smart Home, Wearables, & Health Industries

Technology companies are once again gearing up to kick off the new year at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. With hundreds of exhibitors expanding smart home, wearables, fitness and health, and security marketplaces, Kyrio is excited to meet with companies to discuss how businesses can leverage wireless performance, network, IoT, security, or customized testing, engineering, and consulting to accelerate their time to market.

Kyrio is attending CES 2017 with the Open Connectivity Foundation at booth 40930 in Sands Convention Center, located in the Venetian. Stop by our booth, we’d love to meet with you!

No matter what industry you are in, if your device relies on wireless connectivity or needs to connect to other devices, Kyrio can help accelerate your path to market. Here’s a little about how Kyrio helps customers in each of these industries.

Smart Home

With over 20 billion connected devices expected by 2020, there’s a huge opportunity for businesses to capitalize in the IoT industry. As more and more IoT products get introduced into the marketsplace, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure that a given device works and communicates with other IoT devices from various manufacturers. Kyrio Testing Services can help businesses address this challenge through its certification testing under the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) program. By undergoing certification testing, not only will your device be held to the highest interoperability and security standards available today, but you will also have confidence in having Kyrio as a partner to help troubleshoot and deliver a quality IoT device to market.


Many businesses have their eyes on the wearables industry, where sales of wearables in 2016 are forecast to reach almost 48 million units. As we have seen people become more reliant on their smartphones, it’s not unreasonable to think that this won’t be a similar case for wearable technologies. Much of the existing wearables devices have some reliance on wireless and Bluetooth technology. As users have come to expect the very best from smartphones in terms of excellent coverage and user experience, Kyrio can similarly aid businesses in the wearable industry to ensure that their device truly takes them everywhere with no hiccups or lack of coverage.

Health & Wellness

Healthcare and wellness devices are increasing thanks to the data that can be generated to help users monitor ailments or conditions. The healthcare industry is unique as there are many regulatory bodies that place an emphasis on patient privacy. Kyrio offers OCF certification and guidance for ensuring that these devices are able to achieve their full potential. This includes working with providers, health agencies, network operators, and other standards bodies to ensure that their devices are secure and interoperable.


Businesses are operating at an accelerated pace more than ever today. With more and more businesses adopting agile development processes, the need to deliver a new and improved market sometimes overshadows the need to provide a secure device. Kyrio can help businesses troubleshoot problems with their devices without sacrificing security or quality.

Kyrio will be located at booth 40930 in the Sands Convention Center in the Smart Home Marketplaces area. Stop by and visit us. We’ll see you soon!




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