Announcing the Remote PHY Device Qualification Program

Today is an exciting day for Kyrio. Our team of skilled engineers worked in partnership with CableLabs to roll out the Remote PHY Device (RPD) Qualification Program.

What is the Remote PHY Device Qualification Program?

As announced on the CableLabs blog this morning, Remote PHY (R-PHY) is now a reality for cable operators. CableLabs and Kyrio designed and implemented a Qualification Program supporting product compliance with the R-PHY specifications.

How do I get started?

RPD Qualification testing aligns with the R-PHY specifications that the working group has been developing since project inception. There are two different RPD submission options:

  1. Remote-PHY Node (RPN): As per the R-PHY specifications, a Remote-PHY Node is a Fiber Node that contains an RPD component (either logical or physical). Testing of an RPN will include testing of the interfaces between the RPD and the CCAP Core, as well as management interfaces and for overall proper operation as a system.
  2. Remote-PHY Shelf (RPS): A R-PHY Shelf is a device containing an RPD that is designed to be deployed in a hub or headend rather than in the field. RPS will include all of the same testing as a RPN, but will also include testing of the RF interfaces (since they are directly exposed).

Please note any devices submitted are expected to support DOCSIS 3.1® specifications, which also supports either DOCSIS 3.0® or EuroDOCSIS 3.0® backward compatibility.

Equipment manufacturers must submit their R-PHY capable products to Kyrio for testing services. During the initial phase of the R-PHY Qualification, all standard submissions will include one free update in order to facilitate a more successful outcome for the submitting manufacturer. Additional updates will require an additional fee.

In addition to Kyrio’s DOCSIS and PacketCable Qualification and Certification Testing capabilities, our team of highly-skilled engineers are available to support manufacturers’ product development efforts prior to formal product submission. These engagements are contextual to the unique needs of each customer as they work towards compliance and in the testing of product or system characterization which may lie outside of the formal Qualification or Certification Program.

Upon successful completion of testing, RPD products will be qualified as compliant to the interface requirements within the specification. For more information regarding the RPD Qualification Program and associated fees, please see Kyrio Testing Services.

What’s Next?

CableLabs has developed Qualification Programs in the past for the industry. Kyrio is excited to be involved with the very first qualification launch within the Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) Program. A product that achieves qualification from the program assures that they will successfully interoperate with one another when deployed in the field. Additionally, R-PHY product manufacturers benefit from the program by having their products commercially viable across the globe.

To get started in the program, please contact us.


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