Celebrating CableLabs’ 30 Years of Innovation

Today and throughout the rest of the year, we’re celebrating the lasting impact CableLabs has had over its first 30 years. The work CableLabs and its subsidiaries Kyrio and Upramp have accomplished through its members, vendors and industry groups is truly phenomenal.

Established by truly extraordinary visionaries, CableLabs has evolved and changed over its 30 year history, transforming the cable industry from video entertainment to broadband, digital delivery, wireless and fiber technologies.

Our daily lives have been transformed through highly available information, vast resources of entertainment, expanding social interactions, and digital experiences that are both profound and transformative.

After 30 years of innovation, over half a billion people are touched by CableLabs technology each day, which is a testament to the reach and impact that CableLabs has on the cable industry, but also enabling technology that society has come to rely on to power them through their day.

CableLabs has transformed and reshaped itself to meet members’ demands today and provide the R&D expertise to help prepare for the future of the cable industry. An important part of that transformation was the creation of two subsidiaries, Kyrio and UpRamp. Together these two subsidiaries extend CableLabs’ work with university research, startup communities, and manufacturers and service providers across the globe, inside and outside the cable industry.

At Kyrio, we work with CableLabs members to help them secure, test and ensure interoperability among vendor’s products. At the same time, we work with network device manufacturers to adopt CableLabs commercialized technologies, secure, test and certify their products, and adapt network and security technologies to the unique needs of service providers.

Kyrio also operates cloud services that connect buyers and sellers of broadband, voice and video services across a US footprint covering over 93% of homes passed. And Kyrio extends the reach and impact of CableLabs technologies beyond cable to benefit customers in the energy, IoT and medical industries.

Looking forward to the next 30 years and beyond, Kyrio’s talented engineers and entrepreneurs will continue to work closely with CableLabs, its members, and the vendor community, to create and commercialize the network technologies of today and tomorrow.

It’s an exciting time to be part of this industry and the marvels it creates for consumers in healthcare, transportation, entertainment, and industries, which like the Internet 30 years ago, we cannot even imagine today.

But whatever ground-breaking technology emerges, you can be sure the folks at CableLabs, Kyrio, and UpRamp will be there in the thick of the research, testing, and deployment to its members and their customers worldwide.

We’re excited to be part of the future of CableLabs. Here’s to another 30 successful years.

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For manufacturers and service providers, Kyrio accelerates and deploys new network innovations into the ecosystem. Backed by the power of CableLabs, Kyrio sets technology on a path to commercialization, enabling not just today but tomorrow’s communication.