CableLabs’ Lab Services Transition Update

The transition of the CableLabs’ Lab Services team to Kyrio Testing Services is moving forward smoothly and quickly.

As a part of this transition, we are establishing a culture of continuous improvement in our testing process, increasing the speed of delivery for our customers while maintaining the extremely high quality level that has been our hallmark. Based on input from our stakeholders, we will be making changes to improve our testing services and processes over the coming months.

What is changing?


To better support our customers and evolving business needs, we will be making some leadership changes within the group as well. Matt Schmitt will continue to be responsible for CableLabs Certification programs as a part of the R&D team at CableLabs. Wylie Nelson, VP of Wireless and Testing Services at Kyrio will oversee the newly formed Kyrio Testing Services team. Wylie has a deep background in high tech business development, strategy, operations, and general management. Wylie is on board to help improve processes, so that we are faster, more responsive, cost effective, and customer focused. Moving forward, the Kyrio team will perform the work for certification but – as it has always been – the CableLabs Certification Board will decide what does and does not get certified.

Testing Services Offered

Kyrio will become the one-stop-shop for a variety of testing, engineering and certification programs and services, including the CableLabs Certification, and customized DOCSIS related testing, Wi-Fi testing, OCF Certification, WBA Certification, SDN/NFV testing, energy testing, customized testing, and others.

Questions? Here’s How to Reach Us

If you are a vendor to the cable industry, we would like to invite you to attend the NDA Vendor Forum in Lafayette, Colorado, on Wednesday, April 5th. You can find more information or register here. We are also planning to hold a “meet the engineers” cocktail event after the NDA Vendor Forum on the 5th, and will host lab tours at our facility in Louisville, Colorado around the Forum as well (details to follow). If you would like to take a tour, you can email me to schedule a time.

If you are a CableLabs member, we will follow up with more information mid-April. In the meantime, please reach out if you have questions or concerns.


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