CableLabs Summer Conference 2018 Recap

CableLabs Summer Conference 2018 is a wrap! Professionals in the cable industry gathered together in Keystone, Colorado to get a glimpse of future innovative technologies. This year’s theme for the show was ‘Faster Together’, where the show highlighted how forces in the industry can collaborate to be smarter, faster and more innovative together.

Missed the conference? Here are the most memorable highlights.

Near Future, Ready for Anything

Following the last two installments in the Near Future video series, CableLabs unveiled Ready for Anything. The video shows near-future technology that will redefine education as we know it. Virtual reality expeditions, light field holodecks and interactive video walls were just some of the technologies featured in the video. Watch now to learn about how CableLabs’ envisions a learning environment for all ages.

Watch the Near Future Video Now

Celebrating CableLabs’ 30th Anniversary

During his keynote, CableLabs President and CEO Phil McKinney showed the company’s 30th-year anniversary documentary. Today CableLabs’ impact is widespread, where over half a billion people use CableLabs technology every day. Our work isn’t finished, however, and CableLabs and its subsidiaries Kyrio and Upramp are poised to continuously innovate as stewards on behalf of the cable industry for the next 30+ years to come. As Phil McKinney stated in his keynote, it’s what people innovate on top of the network that will create meaningful and widespread impact that affects everyone.

CableLabs President and CEO Phil McKinney at Summer Conference 2018

Watch the Documentary Now

Faster Together

This year’s conference showcased panels on how the industry can work to innovate faster and better together. From Tim Urban’s talk on his ‘cooks and chefs’ analogy to describe how we can think more like chefs by creating original recipes to strategize better and be more impactful like revolutionary innovators like Elon Musk, to poker champion Annie Duke’s talk on how we can ‘Think in Bets’ to be better decision makers when we don’t have all the facts, there was something for everyone to learn about how we can improve in innovating in our everyday lives.

Kyrio hosted CableLabs 30th anniversary BBQ

The fun at Summer Conference extended beyond insightful keynotes and panels. Attendees had the chance to unwind and celebrate CableLabs’ 30th anniversary at this year’s Kyrio-hosted BBQ. Much fun was had with live music and beautiful Colorado weather at the Keystone Stables. We hope you enjoyed the conference and found value in the keynotes, panels and connections made at the event. If you missed the show, we hope you will join us for Summer Conference 2019.


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