CBRS Spectrum Brings Exciting Opportunities for Operators

With the anticipated release of 150 MHz of shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band, operators have several different opportunities to diversify and strengthen their mobile and wireless strategies.

Operators can now develop their infrastructures from an MVNO to an MNO to increase revenue and extend coverage and capacity, all at a much lower cost than LTE. However, this task brings a variety of complexities and implementation options, such as gnB deployment, network function virtualization, network slicing problems and potential integration and operational impacts with existing infrastructures.

As a member of the CBRS Alliance and WInnForum, two standards organizations dedicated to advancing the innovation of technologies that utilize spectrum, we are committed to helping operators in their shared spectrum network deployments. As a subsidiary of CableLabs, Kyrio leverages CableLabs’ rich history in standardizing and facilitating adoption of wireless and broadband technologies for the cable industry. As such, we are here to help you navigate this new technical landscape.

Prepping Your Network Deployments for CBRS Spectrum Solutions

Whether you’re looking to use shared spectrum to replace the last-mile fiber access, deliver fixed, point-point, or point-to-multipoint wireless service offerings, or leverage the band for better IoT connectivity, Kyrio offers a variety of testing options to help you develop your infrastructures to support 3.5 GHz solutions.

Lab Testing

You may have your own lab already. Nevertheless, using a third-party test partner is instrumental in lowering your risks throughout the product and service lifecycle, as well as in providing test and operational feedback for your data-driven decision making. Kyrio can perform a variety of tests in our anechoic chamber and semi-anechoic chamber before deploying your solution to the field.

  • Mobility Testing: Understand how new network configurations work with your existing infrastructures by simulating roaming and seamless handover scenarios with MVNO-MNO roaming.
  • Product Evaluation: Need guidance on choosing equipment to use in your deployments? Evaluate and compare different small cell vendors, converged gateway prototypes (DOCSIS, Wi-Fi, CBRS and IoT) and EPC solutions.

RF Propagation Testing

Kyrio and CableLabs are working to help operators test 3.5 GHz band coverage and propagation for different morphologies and clutter heights across multiple cities. There are several advantages to this type of testing, including:

  • Conduct testing in different trial sites and use data to develop and tune an RF propagation model.
  • Understand existing cable infrastructure usage and estimate base station deployments.
  • Identify potential issues with different deployment models.

Field Testing

Kyrio is involved in field testing for validating the 3.5 GHz performance and user experience using commercial phones. Field testing is an end-to-end solution that characterizes user experience with mobility.

Field testing encompasses:

  • Throughput and coverage testing
  • Mobility and handover performance
  • Validating deployment models: Residential rooftops, cable strands, pedestals, etc.

CBRS spectrum testing rooftop deployment example

Example rooftop deployment.

Example outdoor pedestal deployment.

Example outdoor pedestal deployment.

More Spectrum Means Better User Experiences

It’s an exciting time as operators are ramping up to get their deployments ready for the CBRS band. Kyrio is already working with several operators and validating and testing deployment solutions. Interested in learning how Kyrio can help your get your infrastructure ready? Click the button to get in contact with me, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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