CES 2017 Insights: Connected Everything, Autonomous Vehicles

Recently Kyrio attended CES 2017 in the Sin City. And although you’re probably familiar with the phrase, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” we say “where’s the fun in that?” Before we watch CES fade into our rear-view mirror, we’d like to share some of our takeaways from the show.

Connected Everything, Inside and Outside Your Home

Smart umbrella at CES 2017. Image Credit: John Bahr

Smart umbrella at CES 2017. Image Credit: John Bahr

With the number of connected devices available on the market today, it probably won’t be a surprise that the connected home was a major focal point of the show. There were your typical smart devices, which included smart appliances, security and sound systems, but there was so much more. For example, some products ventured outside the home. A smart patio umbrella protects the owner from sunburn by tracking the sun and adjusting its tilt. At the same time, it has an integrated security camera, and controlled lighting and a speaker system to provide just the right mood.

With an increasing number of smart devices entering the market, the clear challenge for device manufacturers is to ensure that these devices connect and communicate with other devices seamlessly. This market is still young and has some room to grow when it comes to providing a truly exceptional and seamless user experience. It will be exciting to see how things shape up.

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are not a thing of the future anymore. At this year’s show, it was evident that autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality. Several prominent car manufacturers, such as BMW, Toyota, and Ford shared their vision on how consumers will leverage self-driving technology, making it clear that these companies are making a serious investment within this space.

Toyota concept car at CES 2017. Image Credit: John Bahr

Toyota concept car at CES 2017. Image Credit: John Bahr

Car manufacturers are also leveraging IoT to provide a better luxury experience. Features include dialed-in climate and lighting controls, and large video screens and speaker systems for backseat passengers. Toyota also showcased technology based on the driver’s preferences, where the car suggests alternate routes for the driver or makes suggestions based on the mood of drivers on the road.

Only time will tell if the public will warm up to the idea of self-driving vehicles. When I first heard about self-driving cars, I scoffed and thought that I would never place my trust in a vehicle that I’m not driving. Fast forward a few years, and now I am eager to see more headway in this space, as it would make my hour-long commute less hectic and potentially safer. Take for example, the video of a Tesla vehicle quickly responding to a car crash to avoid a collision. Self-driving vehicles show great potential in bettering car safety, but manufacturers will absolutely need to follow through in ensuring that the technology works flawlessly.

Voice Recognition & Machine Learning in the Home

Kuri home robot. Image Credit: Kuri

Voice-assisted devices and robots were front-and-center at CES this year. Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant made headlines at the show. Alexa compatibility was announced for a wide array of devices, including sound systems, phones, appliances, air purifiers, cars, and so much more. With so many devices entering households with Alexa integration, it’s easy to imagine that you’ll be talking to Alexa in no time. Amazon’s presence at the show is just one example of how companies are looking to integrate adaptive intelligence to better learn consumer preferences.

Several robots with artificial intelligence capabilities were showcased. Take the adorable Kuri home robot for example.

Kuri is a cute little robot that’s equipped with a camera, and the company also promises that facial recognition is soon on the way. Similar to Amazon Alexa, Kuri also includes a voice recognition feature so that it can respond to users’ commands or even alert users when something is amiss in the home.

It was a real treat to be able to experience CES 2017, which was also the tradeshow’s 50th anniversary. This year’s products and demonstrations shows that there’s much to look forward to with regards to IoT, robots, self-driving cars, and more.


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