DOCSIS® 3.1 Certification: Frequently Asked Questions

Kyrio recently announced that we now conduct testing for all CableLabs Certification Programs. This change provides the industry with a one-stop shop for a variety of testing services, ultimately providing greater benefits to the industry.

In addition, we announced several changes at the NDA Vendor Forum to improve the speed and predictability of DOCSIS 3.1 certification testing, while still maintaining the core benefits of verifying specification compliance and helping to prepare devices for use in the field. This document answers frequently asked questions related to these recent changes. If you don’t see an answer to your specific question, please reach out to us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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What is Kyrio’s role with CableLabs Certification programs?

Kyrio is responsible for the executing the testing for CableLabs certification programs. Additionally, Kyrio handles the customer relationships and operations, including receiving devices, accepting payments, executing tests, and developing test program reports. These results are presented to the appropriate CableLabs Certification Board to determine whether or not a device should be certified, as has always been the case in the past.

Does this mean CableLabs Certification programs will become Kyrio Certification programs?

Not at all! The certification programs offered by CableLabs will continue to be CableLabs programs. CableLabs and its Certification Boards will determine what programs to offer and what requirements must be met for a device to become certified. In fact, as new CableLabs specifications are developed, we expect to add more CableLabs certification programs.

To whom are devices submitted for certification testing?

All devices are submitted to Kyrio rather than CableLabs; Kyrio will conduct the testing and manage the operation of various CableLabs Certification Programs.

Does this mean payments for CableLabs Certification testing should be made to Kyrio?

Yes. All invoices will come from Kyrio, and all payments should be made to Kyrio. For the near term, in order to allow companies time to update their billing systems to accommodate this change, we will be able to accept payments made to either CableLabs or Kyrio. However, we ask that you begin making payments to Kyrio by July 2017. If that is not possible, please contact us at to make arrangements.

How do you plan to accelerate the testing of DOCSIS 3.1 certification submissions?

We’re making several changes to the DOCSIS 3.1 certification program in order to accelerate the completion of certification testing. They include the following:

  • In order to find critical issues sooner in the certification wave and to make the process more consistent, we will be reorganizing the sequencing of tests and utilizing a two-phased test strategy consisting of Core and Secondary Testing. This new two phased approach will begin July 14, 2017.
  • Core Testing is a set of critical tests are the tests we most often find that prevent devices from being certified. These tests will now be conducted in the first phase of testing. Once a device passes all Core tests the device will progress to Secondary Testing. Submitting companies will immediately be informed of any failures during Core Testing and given the opportunity to update their submission. Through this process, we expect to identify critical failures sooner, thus expediting the certification testing cycle.
  • Once a device successfully completes Core Testing, we will complete the rest of DOCSIS 3.1 testing, referred to as “Secondary Testing.” Submitting companies will continue to be informed of any errors that are discovered. Because testing during this phase is less likely to uncover critical failures, it should be possible to complete the remaining testing in most cases. These changes allow us to more reliably predict the time necessary to complete certification testing.
  • With these changes we will no longer offer an option for unlimited device updates for a fixed price. We have reached the point where the current process is slowing down our ability to complete testing and deliver devices to market in a timely manner.

To summarize, these changes allow us to expedite the testing process and increase predictability while maintaining the program’s integrity.

Will there be any change in the fees charged for CableLabs DOCSIS 3.1 certification testing?

We’re excited to announce the answer to that question is yes! Because we are improving the efficiency of the program and better aligning costs with the work involved, we will be reducing our fees for DOCSIS 3.1 submissions. This includes the DOCSIS 3.1 certification fee reduction of 10 percent. Note that a failure in either of the two test phases will incur an additional resubmission fee. The new fees can be found on our website in the CableLabs Certified and Qualified Products section, under Certification & Qualification Fees for DOCSIS-BASED CPE devices. We will continue to evaluate the level of effort involved in testing as our efficiencies continue to improve and we will make additional adjustments to the fees as needed.

DOCSIS 3.1 Certification Testing Pricing Fees

What communication can I expect?

We are revamping our processes for how we communicate your testing status. The look and feel of our digital documents will be the first to change, but we are also updating the back-office systems to leverage more real-time updates. This will include issue reports, project updates, and other important notifications, such as new weekly status emails indicating a weekly review and a look at the week ahead. Late 2017 or early 2018, we plan to provide a web portal for an improved customer experience to give you the ability to view information at your convenience.

Is it still possible to conduct device updates during testing?

Yes. If a failure is detected during Core Testing, then the device must be resubmitted at an additional reduced fee. If a manufacturer wishes to conduct a device update during Secondary Testing, they may do so for an additional fee. An updated device will then be regression tested before the final results are provided to the manufacturer or submitted to the Certification Board for consideration. Note that a submitting manufacturer’s decision to stop testing and update the device will result in an unpredictable delay to certification testing completion.

Can devices still be submitted for recertification?

Yes, absolutely! DOCSIS 3.1 recertification submissions will roughly follow this same process, except the number of tests and the fee will be reduced.

Will you be publishing a list of tests included in either Core or Secondary Testing?

Consistent with past practice, we test to ensure devices are built to the specification, not to pass a particular test. Therefore, we will not be publishing a specific list of tests to be conducted as any particular part of CableLabs Certification testing. However, the tests conducted for Core Testing will be things that are very central to the specification, critical for field deployment success and will cover a broad range of functionality with an emphasis on RF performance.

Does Kyrio work with submitting companies to troubleshoot and understand any failures found during testing as CableLabs has always done?

Yes. This collaboration benefits the industry in getting devices to market as quickly as possible, and as such, Kyrio will work with submitting companies to characterize any failures found during certification testing on the submitted device without charge, just as is the case today. Additionally, if submitting companies would like to do testing beyond Certification, either before or after a certification submission, Kyrio now provides a mechanism to do so, on a standalone fee basis.

When do these changes in the DOCSIS 3.1 Certification Program take effect?

The new process will come into effect at 12 PM MDT on Friday, July 14, 2017. All submissions made after that time will follow the process defined above, using the new fee structure.

Any submission received before 12 PM MDT on July 14 will follow the existing process and fee structure until the device passes certification or the submitting manufacturer withdraws from the wave. If a device is still undergoing testing by December 1, 2017, then no further free updates will be permitted and any additional updates will incur an update fee.

Does Kyrio offer other testing services?

Absolutely! In addition to CableLabs Certification, Kyrio provides a range of other certification programs – like Open Connectivity Foundation and Wireless Broadband Alliance certification – as well as a variety of customized testing programs, such as Wi-Fi, SDN/NFV, energy, DOCSIS pre-testing, and more. With Kyrio undertaking CableLabs Certification, all of these services can be offered in one place, from one lab and one team.

What’s not changing?

Three very important things will remain the same:

  1. The same people will be conducting the testing, just as a part of Kyrio.
  2. Testing will be conducted with the same thoroughness and quality as they always have been.
  3. These programs will remain CableLabs Certification programs, with decisions being made by the appropriate CableLabs Certification Board.

Who are some of the key contacts for CableLabs Certification in Kyrio and CableLabs?

Jason Lauer, Director of Wireless and Testing Services at Kyrio, is responsible for leading the team executing all of our wired and wireless testing offerings, including but not limited to CableLabs Certification programs.

Matt Schmitt, Principal Architect at CableLabs, will continue to be responsible for CableLabs Certification programs as a part of the R&D team at CableLabs, working with the Certification Boards to determine what programs to offer, the requirements for each program, and the appropriate submission options.

Lisa Warther, Senior Product Manager at Kyrio, and Mark Ambrozic, DOCSIS Product Manager at Kyrio, can help answer your questions for submissions.

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