Free Webinar: Real World Testing for High Density Environments

shutterstock_479161423With the proliferation of wireless devices today, delivering a superior Wi-Fi experience is essential to operators serving large venues, such as stadiums, lecture halls, hotels, and more. It goes without saying that delivering the best experience presents several different challenges, which is why Kyrio and Edgewater Wireless are presenting a free webinar on Monday, December 12th at 11 MT to discuss these challenges and provide a look at new solutions.

Traditionally, operators have relied on the approach of increasing the number of wireless access points to accommodate demand. Not only does this approach make it difficult to scale as network demand increases, but there are several different issues that can weaken network performance, such as the total number of wireless clients, orientation and spacing between client, and more. In this webinar, Wylie Nelson Vice President of Wireless and Testing Services at Kyrio and Eric Smith of Edgewater Wireless will discuss these common pain points and how Edgewater Wireless’ smart solution addresses them. Come prepared with your questions, where a live Q&A session will follow during the webinar.

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