The Future of the 10G Platform

Today CableLabs, Intel, Cable Europe and the Internet & Television Association (NCTA) announced the 10G vision, a platform that will advance end-to-end device and network performance and will be pivotal in helping the broadband industry stay ahead of consumer demand.

A powerful, efficient technology platform that will ramp up from today’s 1 gigabit offerings to speeds of 10 gigabits per second, the 10G platform will be available to consumers around the globe in the coming years. A key component of the 10G platform was also announced today, as Intel declared it will be one of the first manufacturers to create the silicon that will power the next iteration of the 10G network experience.

Although the 10G platform is on the horizon for the industry, Kyrio, a CableLabs subsidiary, is currently servicing the first generation of the 10G vision through its exclusive DOCSIS 3.1 certification to certify devices capable of delivering 1 gigabit speeds. Additionally, Kyrio serves the cable industry with an array of validation testing services ranging from functionality, performance, throughput, load, characterization, and interoperability.

Stay Up to Date on 10G

It’s an exciting time for the industry in the next era of connectivity. 10G offers potential to drive innovation and more meaningful experiences across a variety of technologies. CableLabs and Kyrio are focused on driving innovations throughout the entire technology lifecycle, and we are excited to help CableLabs members and manufacturers in preparing their devices and infrastructure for 10G readiness.


For manufacturers and service providers, Kyrio accelerates and deploys new network innovations into the ecosystem. Backed by the power of CableLabs, Kyrio sets technology on a path to commercialization, enabling not just today but tomorrow’s communication.