Interoperability Events: Learn How You Can Partner with Kyrio

In order to rapidly advance new technologies, engineers from around the world are able to gather at Kyrio to focus on the development and implementation of the new technologies. CableLabs has a rich history of advancing the cable industry with the introduction of new specifications for new services, such as CableLabs’ DOCSIS® and PacketCable specifications. At CableLabs and Kyrio, we attribute this success in part to the numerous interoperability events that we co-host for companies.

As you may know, specifications on paper are one thing and the implementation of a device or product is often different. Our interoperability events have had a lasting impact on the on several different technologies, where we provide companies with 1,000 sq. ft. of lab space for participants to collectively come together to explore, innovate, develop, validate and test different technologies and products in one place.

Interoperability Event Benefits

Interoperability events allow participants the opportunity to test their products in a neutral and safe environment where companies come together to advance existing technology and achieve the rapid introduction of new services.

Here’s what you can expect to see in our interoperability lab:

  • Neutral lab environment: Specification authors, test development engineers and implementation engineers have the opportunity to gather and openly discuss development and implementation issues to advance new technologies in a collaborative and neutral setting.
  • CableLabs and Kyrio staff expertise: Kyrio is able to extend CableLabs’ 20+ years of expertise to companies that may have limited resources and are unable to support their own interoperability event. Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience and is able to assist in troubleshooting a variety of challenges.
  • Support for any industry: In addition to providing support to the cable industry for over 20 years, Kyrio is able to support companies in a wide variety of industries, including IoT, automotive, and connected health industries, working towards a solution within their ecosystem.
  • Specification development and guidance on cert testing: With our extensive experience with specification and test plan development, our engineers can provide assistance to review your specification and test plans in order to determine requirements and ensure sufficient test coverage. In addition, our engineers are able to provide development and pre-certification testing support when you are ready to get your device certified against a particular specification.
  • Enable collaboration: Specification and product development engineers can work directly with implementation development engineers on issues that are encountered with device functionality based on the specification.
  • Early access to new devices: In order to further the development of an associated test plan, development engineers have early access to new devices that may be tested as part of an associated certification program and allows the specification to be fine tuned as needed.

Spotlight on IoT Interoperability Events with the Open Connectivity Foundation

Kyrio is able to host interoperability events for companies in a variety of industries. As an official Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) Authorized Test Lab (ATL), we hosted an interoperability event on behalf of OCF to help their member companies work together on their IoT implementations and troubleshoot their device against the newest OCF specification. At these interoperability events, our engineers have been able to work one-on-one with member companies to test and troubleshoot their devices and help them on the path toward certification. You can read more about how we have helped the IoT industry with the Open Connectivity Foundation in our recent blog post.

Interested in being a partner and co-hosting an interoperability event? Contact us and learn how you can forge new relationships and explore new solutions when you work with Kyrio.

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