Kyrio Announces NFV / SDN Interoperability Lab

Last week at NFV World Congress, Phil McKinney, CableLabs President & CEO and Kyrio board member, announced Kyrio’s NFV / SDN Interoperability lab.

By opening a full time lab for the NFV / SDN ecosystem, Kyrio provides an environment where manufacturers, network providers and software developers work together to solve integration challenges and demonstrate cross-product and vendor interoperability.

Interoperability is the Key for NFV / SDN Success

The accelerating trend to software based networks for service providers and enterprises has increased the number of components and device manufacturers that need to interoperate. Network interoperability is key to the growth and stability of any network and it is important to validate interoperability on a breadth of hardware and software platforms. Kyrio is expanding its globally recognized interoperability testing capabilities to include NFV and SDN to meet the needs of future network deployments.

While a vibrant NFV and SDN ecosystem has emerged and early deployments are underway, achieving multi-vendor interoperability remains a key challenge. Individual manufacturers are challenged to acquire, test and demonstrate the cross-vendor interoperability that network operators expect from NFV/SDN. Hardware manufacturer X will have challenges getting its competitive manufacturer Y to bring its solution to X’s lab to demonstrate interoperability. To add complexity, Operator A, B, and C’s use cases must run on software providers’ N, O, P, and Q solutions. Multiply that problem many times over to capture the many different players and demonstrating NFV and SDN ecosystem interoperability becomes a challenge.

Kyrio’s NFV/SDN Interop Lab Will Drive the Ecosystem Forward

Kyrio’s NFV/SDN Interop Lab will operate full time as a collaborative environment for hardware providers, chip manufacturers, software providers, and all stakeholders of the NFV/SDN ecosystem.  Our NFV/SDN Interop Lab, located in Louisville, CO and Sunnyvale, CA, is available for customer visits and to run customer scenario interoperability demonstrations.

By testing hardware and software solutions in Kyrio’s trusted and unbiased third party interoperability lab, NFV hardware and software vendors can gain credibility, speed their products to market, and demonstrate NFV/SDN interoperability to their customers.

Network operators can help accelerate the development of interoperable NFV/SDN solutions by encouraging vendor participation in interoperability events and deploying test scenarios in Kyrio’s lab. Be sure to encourage your NFV hardware and software partners to consider working together in Kyrio’s trusted interoperability lab with a long track record of success and vendor-neutrality.

Fostering Technology Ecosystems To Interoperate Is One of Our Specialties

Kyrio, a subsidiary of CableLabs, builds upon CableLabs’ long history of working with multiple vendors to quickly bring new technologies to market including the all important interoperability component essential to SDN’s evolution.  Cable system operators, like all network providers, are very interested in NFV/SDN for the benefits it can provide.  As such, Cablelabs has taken leadership roles in NFV/SDN’s evolution including:

  • OPNFV – Board Member, Founding Member
  • ETSI NFV – Network Operator Council Chair, Security Working Group Chair
  • Open Daylight – User Advisor Group

Further, CableLabs will host the very first OPNVF Plugfest at its Louisville, CO labs from May 9th thru the 13th.   For more information, read CableLabs’s own Tetsuya Nakamura’s blog post.

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For manufacturers and service providers, Kyrio accelerates and deploys new network innovations into the ecosystem. Backed by the power of CableLabs, Kyrio sets technology on a path to commercialization, enabling not just today but tomorrow’s communication.