Kyrio Now Offering Open Connectivity Foundation Certification Testing for IoT Devices

Today, Kyrio announced that it has been authorized to provide IoT certification testing in compliance with the Open Connectivity Foundation’s (OCF) specifications. This news is an addition to the company’s existing testing services, and as of today, Kyrio is ready to begin working with manufacturers to begin the process of getting their devices certified.

Preparing Your IoT Device for Security and Interoperability

There are considerable opportunities for device manufacturers in the IoT space. Manufacturers have a chance to capitalize in the market, where Gartner predicted that there will be 20 billion connected devices by 2020, and a more recent statistic predicts that there will be 6.4 billion connected things worldwide in 2016 – a 30% increase from 2015.

Providing superior IoT devices comes with significant challenges, however, and the task of ensuring that devices are secure and interoperable is no small task. As more and more IoT devices are deployed into production environments from different manufacturers, it becomes increasingly complex to ensure that devices can effectively communicate with each other. At Kyrio, we believe that IoT certification not only increases performance of the device in terms of interoperability and security, but it also provides the best possible end user experience for your customers as well.

Kyrio, A Subsidiary of CableLabs

As a subsidiary of CableLabs, Kyrio leverages over 20 years of experience in developing unique and effective testing methodologies. When you combine our expertise and state-of-the-art testing equipment, Kyrio is well-positioned to meet the testing needs of those seeking IoT device certification. There’s a multitude of issues that can prevent a device from becoming certified, such as specification interpretation and interoperability issues, as well as the interpretation of certification testing errors that are encountered while running certification tests utilizing the OCF validated Certification Test Tool. Vendors can rely on Kyrio’s experts to diagnose and recommend solutions to problems that may arise during testing all while keeping vendor integrity and neutrality at the forefront.

Kyrio has been an active participant in several working groups within the OCF, including the Security, Certification, and Architecture working groups. In addition to the activities within the working groups, Kyrio engineers have also attended several plugfests this year contributing to the testing of the Certification Test Tool, testing devices from vendors present at the plugfests, and helping vendors evaluate their device’s test results. Kyrio’s engineers have also been actively involved in the development of various certification documents, including leading an ad-hoc group within the Certification working group to clarify information provided in the Certification Procedure requirements document.

As an independent and vendor-neutral testing laboratory, Kyrio continues to expand its services to support several different industries, including communications, energy, industrial, health and enterprise — in delivering reliable and interoperable end-user performance. With the addition of OCF certification testing, Kyrio is now able to help device manufactures achieve interoperability across IoT devices.

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Learn more about our OCF certification testing by visiting our website or viewing our press release on this news.

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