Kyrio and Sectigo Announce Strategic Alliance to Secure Device Ecosystems

We’re excited to announce that Kyrio and Sectigo, the world’s largest Certificate Authority (CA) and a leader in web security solutions, have formed a strategic alliance to provide valuable in-depth knowledge about planning and executing device security systems throughout the lifecycles of connected device networks.

Sectigo Kyrio strategic alliance for connected IoT devices

Why are we announcing this strategic alliance?

With an estimated 20 billion devices connected to our networks by 2020, today’s device manufacturers are well aware of the impending IoT security problem. “What’s the best way to secure my IoT device?” is a frequent question we hear within the industry. Kyrio and Sectigo both recognize the industry-wide problem that there’s a severe lack of knowledge into how IoT devices can be secured on our networks.

As Jen Shelby, VP of Product at Kyrio explains, “Enterprises across the globe are struggling with the volume of devices being connected to wired and wireless networks and how to secure those devices on a large scale. Sectigo and Kyrio have the architectural and operational experience to guide customers through the process of PKI design, deployment and lifecycle management.”

Through this strategic alliance, we will work to help manufacturers, enterprises and standards bodies (such as the Open Connectivity Foundation, CBRS WInnForum and SunSpec Alliance, which Kyrio is actively engaged with) navigate the complexities of controlling which networks devices are permitted to connect to, the level of privacy and security required, and how to deploy and manage PKIs in a cost-effective way without affecting production.

Who is the strategic alliance for?

  • Standards bodies
  • Service providers
  • Enterprises
  • Industry alliances
  • Device manufacturers
  • IoT integrators
  • Platform providers

In addition to supporting multi-vendor ecosystems, Kyrio and Sectigo will deliver custom solutions that benefit organizations that manage a large numbers of devices, including those in energy, transportation, smart city sectors and more.

To learn more, read the full announcement on Sectigo’s website:

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