Kyrio Testing Services: Wireless Device Performance Testing

Today’s users need top-notch connectivity to power them through their day—both personally and professionally. As more connected devices continue to saturate today’s markets, and as we anticipate a future filled with millions (or even billions) more, delivering a superior end user experience is critical for service providers and device manufacturers.

At Kyrio, we provide deep technical analysis into the performance of networked devices so that our customers can make informed business decisions and achieve their goals. We provide a variety of testing services, including certification, interoperability, stability, performance, compatibility and validation testing, as well as creating unique and customized testing plans to fit our customers’ contextual needs.

This short video provides a walkthrough of our testing capabilities:

Kyrio Wireless Performance Testing Equipment and Capabilities

To give you technical insight into the performance of your devices, we offer everything from a real-world test house to a pristine lab environment where we can test your devices in a configurable simulated environment. When we work with companies to test their wireless devices, they obtain an accurate picture of how those devices will perform in the real world.

Here are our capabilities at a glance:

In addition to providing wireless and mobility testing, we perform customized testing across a wide range of technologies and disciplines, including interoperability, security, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and Software-Defined Network (SDN)/Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). We also perform DOCSIS® certification testing for CableLabs members and vendors as well.

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For manufacturers and service providers, Kyrio accelerates and deploys new network innovations into the ecosystem. Backed by the power of CableLabs, Kyrio sets technology on a path to commercialization, enabling not just today but tomorrow’s communication.