Kyrio Tests One of the Very First Clients to Receive OCF Certification

CES 2017 just came to a close in Las Vegas. We were at the show with the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) to show businesses how they can accelerate their IoT devices’ time to market with wireless performance testing.

In October 2016, Kyrio became an authorized test lab (ATL) providing certification testing under the OCF’s compliance specifications. Flash forward nearly three months, and we have exciting news: After testing with Kyrio, Tekoia’s SURE Universal platform became one of the first client applications certified by OCF. This certification paves the way toward helping businesses create interoperable and secure devices that communicate with each other.

We want to congratulate Tekoia on attaining OCF certification, and we are very excited by their efforts to connect different users, appliances, and vendors by delivering exceptional interoperability. Working with Tekoia has been a privilege and demonstrates how the right ATL with the right experience and know-how can help businesses bring an exceptional product to market.

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