Kyrio’s Wireless Testing Provides Actionable Intelligence

“My Wi-Fi doesn’t work!”  Right now, someone in a call center somewhere is listening to a customer about problems with their Internet. Increasingly, Wi-Fi is the primary network connectivity to Internet services. Whether it is the inability to stream video, send that email to an important client, or simply surf the web, there is little that is more frustrating to a customer than unacceptable Wi-Fi.

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Poor Wi-Fi increases provider costs and negative customer experiences.

As the customer call center representative listens to the customer, they prepare to walk through the traditional steps.  Do you have a connection on any other devices?  Have you reset the device? Have you power-cycled it?  Do you have it set up correctly?  Unfortunately, the list of “easy fixes” is too short and ultimately a technician is dispatched to address the problem which does not immediately fix the customer’s issues and costs the service provider money.

Kyrio’s testing services help service providers deliver a better network.

Nowhere is this statement more evident than Kyrio’s wireless testing services. Kyrio’s anechoic chamber and 4,000+ sq ft. test house provides our team the necessary tools for wireless testing.  However, it is the team and deep experience working with service providers and network equipment manufactures that really set Kyrio’s testing services apart.

In many cases, Kyrio’s resources extend to the individuals who helped develop many of the standards or even the underlying technology being tested. 

Kyrio Wireless Testing Services

RF Performance TestingCTIA standard TRP and TIS testing in three 2.4 GHz band channels and six 5 GHz band channels
RF Characterization TestingCo-channel, adjacent channel, transmitter mask, and evaluation of wireless device in Anechoic chamber
Field Performance and EvaluationStandard simulated prediction modeling, field testing and evaluation of wireless devices in Kyrio’s test house
Customized Testing and Consulting ServicesCustom testing, consulting, and engineering services tailored to our customer’s needs

Wireless testing is not easy. Before reviewing how Kyrio does it, let’s look at what makes meaningful Wi-Fi device testing difficult:

  • FCC Type Acceptance has not-to-exceed limits, but no minimum level
  • Wi-Fi certification is for interoperability, not performance validation
  • Performance such as throughput, range and interference may vary per Wi-Fi device and configuration settings
  • Lowest performing device has the greatest impact to all users on network

To deliver actionable insights, our customers rely on Kyrio.

Kyrios testing delivers actionable insights

While there are many aspects to Wi-Fi performance, I would like to highlight some of the services that we deliver to service providers:

  • Performance results regarding the orientation of Access Points (APs)
  • 3-D modeling of antenna radiation
  • Performance data comparing multiple APs

The graphic shown below depicts the relationship between a specific access point’s antenna orientation.  For one device, Kyrio tested that the orientation was significant as the TRP difference between the front of the access point and the back of the access point was greater than ~20 dB.  That will cause a significant difference in the user’s experience.


Taking the insight a little further, Kyrio provides a physical 3D model of the antenna radiation to help our customer better visualize the output.

Another example of a particularly useful test Kyrio performed for one customer was a performance comparison between several access points.  When we ran the devices through their paces, comparing performance across channels was particularly illustrative.  As the chart below showed, one device (purple bar) outshined the others while another (green bar) had more than a 50% reduction in performance in select channels.  This information was critical to our customer in making their product selection.

TRP Comparison of 3x3 GWs, APs - 2.4 GHz

Kyrio’s testing services gave our customer a better understanding of their wireless network.

If the customer service professional mentioned earlier had some of these insights the annoyed customer’s problems are solved quickly. A visit from a technician becomes unnecessary.  Even better, Kyrio’s test results can eliminate the customer’s annoyance from ever occurring.  Armed with the Kyrio test results the service provider can select a better device and install it correctly. Issues can be eliminated  before they happen. Kyrio’s work makes  networks better.

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For manufacturers and service providers, Kyrio accelerates and deploys new network innovations into the ecosystem. Backed by the power of CableLabs, Kyrio sets technology on a path to commercialization, enabling not just today but tomorrow’s communication.