Meet Kyrio’s SDN NFV Expert Robin Ku

Robin Ku has 18 years of experience developing certification programs for CableLabs, and is now spearheading SDN/NFV innovation in the Kyrio NFV Interoperability Lab. When not in the lab, find him on a mountain bike or hiking trail somewhere in the Rockies. If you do, he’ll definitely invite you for a fine craft brew on the way home!

From PacketCable VoIP to Business Services to DPoE to DOCSIS® 3.1, Robin is a veteran of conformance testing and automation across a wide range of technologies.

In 2016, Kyrio initiated a new lab focused on interoperability testing of Software-Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization (SDN NFV). Robin directs that effort, and in partnership with the CableLabs’ Virtualization R&D team they are working to accelerate deployment and commercialization of virtualization technologies, applications and services.

The Kyrio NFV Interop Lab has a wide range of activities for both hardware and software solution providers; everything from the design and realization of forward-facing proof-of-concept systems, to interoperability validation of virtualized network functions against a reference cloud platform. For more details on participation, sponsorship and testing programs please contact me by clicking the button below.

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To learn more about Robin’s work at Kyrio, read his blog post on the open source SDN/NFV Application Development Platform and Stack (SNAPS) initiative, the cloud engine for the Kyrio NFV Interop Lab.


For manufacturers and service providers, Kyrio accelerates and deploys new network innovations into the ecosystem. Backed by the power of CableLabs, Kyrio sets technology on a path to commercialization, enabling not just today but tomorrow’s communication.