Meet Mark Meyer, Innovator and Mentor at Kyrio

Mark Meyer has spent 19 years at CableLabs and was drawn to the company by the nature of the cutting edge, technological work it was involved in within the cable industry. “It never gets boring. Every couple of years I have been able to get involved in something new and it almost seems like I have a new job without leaving.”

Mark’s dedication, love for his work, his team, and the industry make him the perfect fit as Director of the Development Team at Kyrio. Mark and his team are also responsible for maintaining the labs and associated infrastructure at Kyrio/CableLabs. “The Development Team supports various engineers within Kyrio and CableLabs so they have the environment they need to develop new technologies in cable and other industries, including wireless, optical, and IoT to name a few.”


Mark’s often called a “fixer” and enjoys being challenged with a problem. His team oversees a wide variety of work in the Colorado state-of-the-art 14,000 square foot lab that tests and helps develop technology solutions for members and vendors who create products for the industry. The lab, with 180 test benches, 175 racks of equipment, and over $20M worth of investment, helps industries like health care, industrial automation, and general communications across all industries.

Mark summarizes his role at Kyrio in three words: manage, support, and mentor. He’s proud of his team, describing them as a “small group of highly talented, innovative engineers with a focus on new cutting-edge technologies. I love and respect their ability to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems and the admiration and respect they earn from their customers.”

Mark’s a native of Nebraska and grew up in the Washington DC area, but he’s a true Colorado transplant. A single father to four teenage and young adult daughters, he loves the Colorado weather and the wide variety of activities available here.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on the Open Connectivity Foundation this week, one initiative that Mark Meyer and his team heads up at Kyrio. In the meantime, get caught up with Mark’s work at Kyrio and CableLabs interoperability events by reading his latest blog post:

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