Meet Mitch Ashley, Technology Innovator at Kyrio

Mitch Ashley is President and General Manager of Kyrio, a CableLabs subsidiary. Prior to moving to Kyrio to establish the company, Mitch served for 5 years as CableLabs Vice President of Information Technology. His move to Kyrio underscores the close working relationship Kyrio has with its parent company and its more than 60 worldwide cable industry members.

At CableLabs, Mitch delivered technology solutions for the company’s global research and development organization. He sees his transition to Kyrio as a natural fit, and he is particularly excited to be part of a company that is playing a key role in delivering new technologies to market in the fast-changing communications world. Whereas CableLabs’ member roster reaps many of Kyrio’s benefits, Mitch sees even greater benefits by serving both inside and outside the cable industry. “Kyrio’s future is not just innovating on the technology but innovating on the business model—how we think about partnering with other companies.”

Kyrio was born out of a market need to serve CableLabs members individually as well as to work with manufacturers in the cable industry, then expand beyond cable. And Kyrio has certainly expanded, growing from one person to more than 60, focusing on a variety of technologies that are based on CableLabs innovations.

Mitch is proud to point out Kyrio’s recent milestones. It was named Microchip’s first certificate authority and a Microchip Security Design Partner. Together, the companies are delivering embedded security for IoT devices. “Our goal is to eliminate the need for device manufacturers to be security experts,” Mitch says.

Kyrio has also significantly expanded its device and interoperability testing into wireless, Remote-PHY, and IoT device certification testing for Open Connectivity Foundation’s (OCF) compliance. In 2016, Kyrio initiated a new lab focused on interoperability testing of Software-Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization (SDN NFV). Working with Intel and Casa Systems, Kyrio demonstrated 4G LTE over small cells and Wi-Fi operating in a virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC), virtual Wireless Access Gateway (vWAG) and a virtual Converged Cable Access Platform (vCCAP) on CableLabs SNAPS open source software.

Prior to joining CableLabs, Mitch held a variety of founder, C-level, and director positions in communications and startup companies. As a technology leader, he’s spent over 20 years creating new products and services in the security, internet, telecommunications, and banking industries. His expertise has earned him appearances in industry publications such as NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld, CIO Magazine, InformationWeek, CRN, USA Today and others.

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For manufacturers and service providers, Kyrio accelerates and deploys new network innovations into the ecosystem. Backed by the power of CableLabs, Kyrio sets technology on a path to commercialization, enabling not just today but tomorrow’s communication.