Kyrio and Microchip Partner to Develop Strong Embedded IoT Device Security

IoT devices – from lightbulbs to cars – need security at the core, not as an afterthought. Historically, providing high security for networked devices required complex back-end security software, expensive security specialists, and processes that did not fit well with hardware manufacturing flows. This isn’t sustainable as the number of connected devices explodes.

At Kyrio, we believe there is a better way to secure the network and connected devices.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re the first certificate authority and a Microchip Security Design Partner, with the goal of solving the future challenges of IoT device security today. The mission of this partnership is to embed IoT devices with digital certificates in secure hardware in a way that integrates well with hardware manufacturing process flows. This strategy will make it easy for IoT device manufacturers to enable enterprise-grade security without needing to be security experts.

With many customers in the consumer, automotive, office-automation, communications and industrial-control markets, Microchip is integral to the ecosystem that is already rolling out millions of IoT devices.

“Microchip is proud to welcome Kyrio as the first Certificate Authority company into our Design Partner Program,” said Nicolas Schieli, senior strategic marketing manager of Microchip’s Secure Products Group. “Our customers will benefit from the simplified IoT security life cycle that Kyrio provides by managing the certificates from production to deployment.”

Through our partnership, we look forward to closing the disconnect that exists between device makers and security infrastructure. By providing a strong managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that fits within the existing design flow and supply chain familiar to device manufacturers, we are moving closer to the standardization the IoT industry requires to grow securely. As a subsidiary of CableLabs, Kyrio is able to leverage their 15 years of experience securing large, multi-vendor networks and ecosystems and provide trusted connectivity for your products.

If you are interested in becoming a beta customer or have any questions about IoT device security, digital certificates or launching an IoT connected product, please contact us.

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