Mid-America Cable Show 2017: A Talk on Best Practices for the Cable Business Services Sector

On September 14 I’ll be hosting a discussion panel on business services at the Mid-America Cable Show in Little Rock, Arkansas. The discussion will explore cable’s initiatives and best practices in the business services sector, the technologies being deployed, and the future.

Joining me are leaders of business and commercial services from Cable One, Mediacom, Eagle Communications and Ronin Technology Advisors. With the growth and expectations around business services, I expect the panel will be both highly informative and quite lively.

MSOs in mid-America often service regional and branch offices, as well as many local businesses where larger metropolitan cities often host corporate headquarters. That means medium-sized MSOs must provide a suite of services and also serve as integrator across multiple customer locations, in and outside of the footprint. That dual role is both of great value to customers and creates several different opportunities to grow and expand the offerings to customers. Of equal importance is providing wholesale and carrier services to cable and non-cable service providers.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Defining and segmenting SMB, medium and enterprise customers
  • Competing with incumbent telco providers
  • Strengths and advantages MSOs bring to their customers
  • New innovations and offerings, such as SD-WAN
  • Differentiating between business and residential services
  • Managing and meeting SLAs
  • Outlook for business services

We’ll also dive into what it means to be a full service provider of business services and how they can address changing customer needs, as well as looking at how to succeed in today’s highly competitive enterprise market. I hope you can join me in Little Rock for what we expect will be a very engaging and informative discussion. If you’d like to connect while I’m there, please reach out at info@kyrio.com and let’s set up a time to meet.


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