The Need for Data Verification When Qualifying Leads

The way consumers buy products and services has undergone profound changes as social media and social sites like Home Advisor and Angie’s List have evolved. Marketers are increasingly being pushed to do a better job of just-in-time marketing in order to connect sellers and buyers. Rather than finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, marketers must now focus on being found and data verification to build continuous relationships with the most likely buyers. In today’s business world, small businesses and service providers need to get better at qualifying leads and follow up with the most promising prospects to generate profits.

Generating a Quality Lead: A Top Challenge for Marketers

A recent study by IDG found that 61 percent of marketers reported generating high-quality leads was by far the number one challenge for their organization. Unfortunately, they are finding too many leads are tarnished by invalid addresses, misspelled street names, fake customer names or phony phone numbers.

Today, the difference between any data and quality data is dramatic and can mean the difference between a customer connection or a great deal of wasted time. In fact, the difference is so apparent that a leading digital marketplace is being sued by the owners of eight small home-improvement companies from around the country who allege that the customer leads the company sells are “overwhelmingly bogus.”

The IDC report referenced above also notes that marketing executives report that lead quality is one of the top priorities for lead generation, it is also one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today. In fact, even if a lead is solid, it is often sent to many service providers at once, increasing the competition for a single sale and decreasing the value of that lead. And when organizations are purchasing leads on a cost-per-lead (CPL) basis, as is often the case when working with third-party lead generators, they’ll want to ensure the leads received are not only viable but of high quality as well.

Data Verification is the Key to Success

Data verification and address verification, the main benefit of services like Kyrio’s Go2Broadband, can drastically improve lead handling, helping service providers to increase sales, improve their return on investment (ROI), and save time and money.

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Verifying your lead data will deliver a better customer experience and build lasting relationships with your service providers and business customers. It not only prevents bad data from entering your database, it can also help to fill in the blanks or add missing information to your data that will yield additional insight into your prospects and customers, ultimately providing the ability to make more strategic business decisions, enhance communications, improve deliverability and cut operational costs.

In today’s market, consumers have a myriad of choices to connect to products and services online. In an environment in which customers are up to 50 times more likely to purchase when they have a trusted recommendation, reaching people directly and encouraging word-of-mouth recommendations is one of the best ways for service companies to grow their business.

Lead Generation Services: What’s Best for My Business?

While the best lead generation services work with companies to target specific audiences as accurately as they can, the motives behind a lead-generation specialist are different from a service company. Service companies provide a specific service — often one that isn’t “one size fits all,” so accuracy is key — while the goal of lead generation is to make a match to provide a sale, which can look as simple as “more matches means more sales.” However, it often leads to a poor customer experience for both the consumer (who wants calls from a dozen plumbers?) and the service provider paying for the lead (it’s like a radio contest — the fastest dialer wins, which handicaps the small business without full-time support).

While word-of-mouth is an incredibly effective marketing tool, technological advances have made it easier for a business to control their own sales platform. Kyrio’s location-based tools and data verification services immediately match service and offer availability to specific addresses through online marketplaces for both homes and businesses. The company’s experience working with the cable industry spans nearly two decades and confirms platforms are built with both the professional service provider and end customer in mind, enabling buyers and sellers to seamlessly connect.

Customers don’t want a salesperson, they want recommendations from trusted friends and neighbors. Verified word-of-mouth recommendations from a close-by friend or neighbor is better than buying leads, and address verification will improve that process.

From physical infrastructures to digital connections delivering more than 90 million transactions each year, Kyrio provides the necessary tools to match professional services to specific addresses for safer, better and faster ways to network. To learn more about Kyrio’s Go2Broadband and data verification services, click the button below.

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