Testing Services Update: Lab as a Service, Adopting a Shift Left Approach and More

Over the past few months, we’ve been focused on providing our Kyrio Testing Services customers the best experience possible. This is an ongoing focus for us, and I’d like to let you know of some of the new ways we hope to delight you.

Let me introduce myself first: I’m Jason Lauer. We may have worked together already, but if we haven’t, you can check out my employee spotlight. As the Director of Engineering and Test Services at Kyrio, I work every day to help service providers and device manufacturers meet their goals of delivering a superior experience to end customers. Here are a few ways I hope to help you achieve this:

Kyrio Is Now Offering Lab as a Service

Kyrio is now offering our infrastructure as a Lab as a Service (LaaS): We know you’re under pressure to reduce your internal cost of operations and use your lab resources more effectively, but sometimes your lab has an enormous backlog that can’t be negotiated. By opening our lab up as a service to you, we provide our talented engineering staff, expansive infrastructure, and decades-long knowledge and expertise working in the cable industry. All of this is available at the highest standards you expect. Please contact us if you have any questions about how you can use Kyrio’s LaaS.

Customized Testing Needs for CableLabs Members and Vendors

In North America and abroad, we’re working with various CableLabs members and manufacturers to individually host configured test environments where our engineering team can provide contextual integration and testing services for specific client needs. This is something that CableLabs couldn’t provide to members before the creation of Kyrio. As an independent third-party lab, we can provide customized testing services that are tailored to individual members’ and vendors’ needs—thanks to our longstanding relationship with CableLabs and our history in the cable industry.

Adopting a Shift Left Approach to Improve Product Quality

Our team and our facilities are being put to use to help the industry improve quality throughout the product life cycle. We do this with a shift-left approach. Hardware and software manufacturers are embracing this strategy is, which focuses on the first (left) part of the maxim “test early and often” to detect defects earlier in the process, when they are less expensive and easier to fix.

We’ve are practicing this method for DOCSIS® certification testing to help you find issues earlier without having to run through an entire test cycle. Instead of the legacy certification process of informing you of an error at the end of a full test (which can increase the test time by an additional 6 weeks), we’ll notify you immediately when we find and validate an error. In addition, we’ve started working one-on-one with manufacturers for device prototype testing, which helps decrease testing time for both manufacturers and members, ultimately helping both parties get a quality product to market faster and at a lower cost.

We hope we get the opportunity to work with you, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback on any of these changes we’re making. To learn more about the services we provide, please take a look at our testing services. If you’re looking to get your product CableLabs certified, please take a look at this blog post to help make your certification testing as painless as possible.

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