Virtualizing Your Fixed and Mobile Access Network Webinar Recap

Kyrio recently participated in a joint webinar with Intel and Casa Systems that explores how virtualization allows for a converged access platform that simplifies management of an operator’s access network and lowers overall system total cost of ownership.

In this webinar, Intel, Casa Systems, and Kyrio walk through their working proof-of-concept that combines vCCAP, vWAG, vEPC, and other VNFs running within an open-source NFVI Infrastructure.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the replay or download the slides.

The Kyrio NFV Interop Lab is vendor-neutral and open to all OEM’s, developers, integrators, researchers, network operators, equipment vendors, and cable operators. This proof-of-concept demonstrates how we can work with you to help validate use cases, demonstrate capabilities to customers, and collaborate with other innovation partners in the SDN/NFV ecosystem.

If you have questions or would like to participate in solution development in the Kyrio SDN NFV Interop Lab, please reach out to Robin Ku, Director, Kyrio NFV Interoperability Lab.


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