Visit Kyrio at CableLabs’ Winter Conference 2017

CableLabs Winter Conference 2017 is right around the corner, and soon cable members will gather to gain fresh perspectives and insights into the current state of the cable industry. As a subsidiary of CableLabs, we are also excited to connect with cable members at the show.

At this year’s Winter Conference, we are highlighting Kyrio’s Online Services and Testing Services. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect at this year’s conference.

Online Services: Go2Broadband Enhancements

Since its inception in 2000, Go2Broadband (G2B) has evolved over 16 years to become the cable industry’s platform of choice for connecting consumers with their local cable provider. Together with the MSO’s we cover 93% of homes passed across the US and facilitate 90+ million transactions each year.

As we enter the second year of Go2Broadband (G2B) under the Kyrio umbrella, all MSO’s have renewed for 2017, continuing our national coverage. In our ongoing efforts to enhance the G2B platform we are launching a new feature to our Serviceability Engine: Geocoding Analysis. Adding geocoding or latitude/longitude to our Serviceability and real-time monitoring systems increases the total pool of legitimate queries and successful orders. This introduces several new revenue opportunities for the MSO’s, including rescue analysis for their homes passed files, uncovering holes or gaps in their existing the footprint, alignment with their plant and new builds, and campaign analysis to measure the success of marketing campaigns.

Today we primarily serve the residential market — people who are planning on a near-term move and are looking for cable services. We believe there’s an opportunity to expand the platform to include ancillary services that are complimentary to cable, and create a home-based marketplace of services that appeal to the consumer.

Testing Services: New Certifications, On-Going Efforts, and DOCSIS® Device Testing

At this year’s Winter Conference, Kyrio is debuting our new Carrier Wireless Services Certification (CWSC) testing certification developed with the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA). This service is incremental to the wireless testing services that Kyrio currently offers. Kyrio also offers a host of network testing solutions, including the full suite of testing against the DOCSIS® specification.

Carrier Wireless Services Certification. Testing Services now offers the WBA’s CWSC testing and certification. This testing leverages operators’ live end-to-end networks and is beneficial to both operators and equipment vendors. Operators maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring that the service, equipment and configurations work properly within the network and with roaming partners. Equipment vendors can accelerate their time to market with Kyrio’s testing platform, allowing vendors to test equipment on real operator networks and between roaming partners.

Wireless Testing Services. Kyrio offers a full suite of wireless testing to deploy high-quality networks. We believe that testing to understand the performance and characterization of devices is a critical step in deploying successful implementations in real world environments. We leverage world-class facilities, extensive experience, and industry expertise to provide our customers with actionable intelligence they can use to better the end user experience.

DOCSIS. The DOCSIS specification is expected to be a major focal point of the show with operators looking to leverage the technology’s promise of cost-effective gigabit services. As operators look to deploy DOCSIS services, Kyrio is primed to support upcoming rollouts. Our wide range of non-certification testing services for DOCSIS cable modems and gateways offers several benefits, including validation and optimization of operator configurations, benchmark performance and stability testing, end-to-end system testing, and more.

Say Hello to Kyrio at Winter Conference

Enjoy the show, and look for our booth at Winter Conference 2017, where we will be discussing these exciting improvements to our services in more detail. See you soon!


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