Interop Lab Event: Remote PHY

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Interoperability Events provide vendors with the opportunity to test their products in a multi-vendor environment and/or with CableLabs-provided testing platforms.

In order to ensure interoperable implementations of the CableLabs specifications, CableLabs and Kyrio are hosting an interoperability lab event to provide vendors an opportunity to test pre-production and development versions of hardware devices and software applications. The interop will provide a variety of manufacturers an opportunity to work together in CableLabs’ laboratory environment to develop and test interoperable solutions.


Inform[ED] Europe 2018 | Kyrio

Inform[ED] Europe 2018

Join Kyrio and CableLabs at Inform[ED] Europe 2018, where the cable industry will come together and learn about innovations that are impacting networks today.

Interop Lab Event: FDX June 2018 | Kyrio

Interop Lab Event: FDX June 2018

CableLabs and Kyrio are hosting an Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) interop event for vendors in April 2018 in Louisville, CO.