IoT Challenges and Opportunities for a Secure Smart Grid

The utilities industry is projected to become a major leader in IoT spending and investing heavily in the smart grid. As mentioned in my previous blog, IoT provides several opportunities for the smart grid. However as more and more devices get added to the smart grid, the utilities industry will need navigate the various IoT challenges that exist to ensure device security.

The following infographic outlines IoT challenges and opportunities that exist for ensuring a secure smart grid:

IoT Challenges and Opportunities for Smart Grid Infographic

For the utilities industry, it will be no small task to ensure that the estimated 1.5 billion devices that will become connected to the smart grid will need to have a strong security implementation in place. My colleague, Ron Ih, Director of Business Development for Kyrio Security Solutions has written several blog posts on the IoT device security challenges and has spent a great deal of time tackling how businesses can implement strong security in a way that’s both economical and scalable.

To learn more about how you can implement a strong, simple and massively scalable security solution for IoT, download our free white paper:

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