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Ecosystem Management

Connected smart devices allow for a level of real-time intelligence, responsiveness and data granularity that was not possible a decade ago. However, controlling access and managing a vast network of thousands of autonomous devices can be a daunting challenge. Compounding that challenge is enforcing specifications and standards to make sure all devices in your ecosystem comply with your requirements.

Kyrio Security Services is the foundation of network security for some of the largest networks in the world. We are experts at designing, governing and managing large PKI ecosystems to ensure device identity, brand and manufacturer integrity, and access control for networks supporting millions of connected devices. Our scalable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) expands to meet the growth needs of both manufacturers and network operators.

You need to know, with high certainty, what is in your ecosystem. Kyrio Security Services can show you how.

What is Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)?

View our PKI frequently asked questions to learn more.

Managed PKI Services

Kyrio is the preferred security ecosystem provider for several standards organizations so you can get started securing your device right now. Our managed PKI solution gives you the ability to access digital certificates without having to manage the in-house CA. Kyrio issues and tracks PKI certificates, sends renewal notifications for expiring certificates and provides exceptional customer support.

Kyrio is the security provider for CableLabs, OpenADR, Open Connectivity Foundation and Wi-Fi Alliance.

Custom PKI Services

Kyrio’s custom PKI solution is architected to fit your cybersecurity needs and gives you the ability to issue certificates from your own CA root. We understand you need a security solution that fits within your hardware and manufacturing flow. That’s why we take care of detailed technical requirements and streamline provisioning and logistics to make securing your ecosystem simple so you can focus on delivering a great product.