A Strategic Alliance between Kyrio and Sectigo

Kyrio and Sectigo, two global industry leaders in network and device security, have formed a strategic alliance to provide best of breed PKI device security that arms enterprises and ecosystems with a robust, certificate-based identification method to ensure IoT network and device security.

The IoT market is estimated to grow to $520 billion in 2021, which is more than double than the $235 billion spent in 2017. With the explosion of devices connected to networks worldwide, there’s a severe gap in security knowledge and best practices for securing IoT devices and the networks they connect to.

Through this strategic alliance, Kyrio and Sectigo help manufacturers, enterprises and standards bodies (such as the Open Connectivity FoundationCBRS WInnForum and SunSpec Alliance, which Kyrio is actively engaged with) navigate the complexities of controlling which networks devices are permitted to connect to, the level of privacy and security required, and how to deploy and manage PKIs in a cost-effective way without affecting production.

To learn more about public key infrastructure and the Kyrio and Sectigo strategic alliance, click the button below to read the FAQ.

Kyrio and Sectigo Alliance

PKI Frequently Asked Questions


Benefits of the End-to-End IoT PKI Security Solution:

Kyrio and Sectigo’s PKI security solution is built with scalability and ease of management for enterprises and ecosystems in mind. The benefit of this joint offering are:

  • Certificate-based security solution. Kyrio’s unique public key infrastructure (PKI) solution, backed by the Sectigo IoT Manager platform, enables enterprises and ecosystems to provide a robust, certificate-based identity control for your IoT network. By leveraging digital certificates to match authentication and verification best practices, you can ensure your IoT network and devices are free of malicious attacks, malware, device spoofing, snooping or modification of communication between your devices and applications.
  • Ease of deployment and management. Kyrio removes the pain and time associated with managing your digital certificates. Kyrio provides automated provisioning of certificates, full lifecycle management capabilities and unique dashboards and reporting to help you understand and track certificates operating in your network.
  • Control. Kyrio provides precise control of the certificates in your network at scale. Our joint PKI security solution provides a scalable and flexible method to manage certificates through its lifespan.
Sectigo Kyrio strategic alliance for connected IoT devices