Certification Testing

This is the one-stop shop for a variety of testing and certification programs. From certification tests under the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) for operators and device manufacturers to IoT device certification testing under the Open Connectivity Foundation specification, we ensure interoperability of smart devices across many industries, including consumer, enterprise, industrial, automotive and health industries.

Certification Testing Details

Our tests ensure the very best end customer experience. We employ global standards to test devices in real network environments.

Our certification testing programs include:

“CableLabs Certified®” and “CableLabs Qualified” Testing

Kyrio is now the one-stop shop for testing and certification programs, previously performed by CableLabs.

See our page on CableLabs certification programs, which includes pricing and instructions on how to submit a device to our facilities.

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Additional Certification and Specifications are:

Wireless Broadband Alliance Certification (WBA)

Ensure best end customer experience with certification testing under the WBA Carrier Wireless Services Certification (CWSC). This certification testing allows operators and equipment vendors to test their devices in real network environments.

(Certification testing under the WBA is available for operators and device manufacturers)

Open Connectivity Foundation Certification

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) specification has developed a rigorous specification and certification process to ensure interoperability of smart devices. IoT device certification testing under the OCF is open to businesses in a variety of industries, including consumer, enterprise, industrial, automotive and health industries.

More Testing Services


Getting products and services ready for the modern network.

Kyrio is driving agility and expediting the creation and delivery of services through Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) interoperability testing. The SDN NFV interoperability laboratory is vendor neutral and open to all OEM’s, developers, integrators, researchers, network operators, equipment vendors, and cable operators.

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Development Lab

14,000 sq. ft. for you to explore, innovate, develop, validate and test.

Our lab has 180 test benches, 175 racks of equipment, and over $20M worth of investment, including an expansive set of network equipment, such as a CMTS, Rohde & Schwarz anechoic chamber, Ixia IXChariot and IXVeriWave software, and octoBox testbed. Kyrio provides environments engineered to meet the testing demands of devices deployed in today's and tomorrow's residential and commercial networks.

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IoT Testing

Ensure devices are ready for the connected future.

Kyrio’s IoT device testing ensures devices can handle the needs of the modern connected experience, regardless of make or manufacturer. With an increasing number of IoT devices in operation simultaneously and powered by different applications, the entire IoT ecosystem requires interoperability, security, connectivity, and reliability.

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Wireless Testing

Testing for the highest quality wireless connections

Create better end user experiences by understanding the performance capabilities of your devices in real world scenarios. Kyrio offers a diverse lab environment with a full anechoic chamber, simulators, and a 5,000 sq. ft. test house for real world testing on network gateways, embedded and standalone Wi-Fi access points, antenna and enclosure designs, and end user devices.

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Network Testing

Get products to market and know they are ready to handle the rigors of the modern network.

Our complete network testing solutions ensure devices are compliant with networking and industry specifications, such as the CableLabs DOCSIS® specification. Our process helps accelerate market implementation while ensuring rapid deployment and interoperability.

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