SunSpec Alliance Certification Testing

SunSpec Alliance Certification

Kyrio is a SunSpec Authorized Test Lab (SunSpec ATL) for SunSpec Alliance, an information standards and certification organization for the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) industry. SunSpec Alliance is entrusted to enforce California Rule 21’s communication requirements for all solar inverters and energy storage systems, and the SunSpec Certified Testing program is designed to drive nationwide adoption across the United States in the near future. As an ATL, Kyrio is committed to providing SunSpec Certified Testing services on behalf of SunSpec Alliance member companies.

Your Partner for SunSpec Alliance Certification Testing 

Kyrio is engaged with over 30 global standards groups and is focused on accelerating technology development in line with industry need. As such, Kyrio has worked extensively with SunSpec Alliance on the development of the certification program as part of the larger SunSpec ecosystem. This enables us to provide you with a seamless workflow that accelerates your renewable energy products from development through certification and production.

Kyrio's experience in working with hardware manufacturers helps accelerate development, certification and time to market for network-enabled products. With over 14,000 square feet of lab space and a 5,000 square foot test house, combined with our unique PKI solution, Kyrio helps get your products certified, secured and in the market.

Why Kyrio?

Kyrio provides the highest-quality testing services and resources for businesses connecting people, places and devices. By leveraging CableLabs’ rich history in managing the largest connected-device ecosystems in the world, Kyrio has certified over 1500 devices, resulting in 2.3 billion units shipped since 2001. 

Kyrio is also the exclusive PKI provider for SunSpec Alliance and members seeking SunSpec Certification. The benefit of using Kyrio as your ATL and PKI provider on your path to California Rule 21 compliance are:

Benefits of Working with Kyrio:

  • Independent Third-Party Lab. Expertise in product validation, interoperability and performance testing for real world scenarios.
  • Discounted Pricing. Discounted pricing is available for SunSpec members that choose Kyrio for their testing and security needs.
  • One Team for Your Needs. Using Kyrio as your ATL and PKI provider ensures you'll be working with one team for the entire process, ensuring simplicity in getting your product certified, California Rule 21 compliant and shipped as quickly as possible.
  • Expertise in secure networks. Kyrio has a strong track record in ensuring global security on our networks, with over 1500+ networked devices certified, resulting in 2.3 billion secured units shipped since 2001.
  • We know hardware and manufacturing workflows. We work with manufacturers every day like you. We provide management and resources to help you secure your device faster, while streamlining getting your product to market. 

Additional Services

In addition to certification testing, Kyrio offers additional testing services to help streamline the certification testing process. Although these services do not guarantee approval, SunSpec members are encouraged to reach out with their specific problems in advance of submitting their device for testing.

  • Pre-Certification Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Product Development Support
SunSpec Authorized Test Laboratory - SunSpec Alliance Kyrio