Development Lab

Open to you, Kyrio's state-of-the-art 14,000 sq. ft. lab has 180 test benches, 175 racks of equipment, and over $20M worth of investment, including an expansive set of network equipment, such as a CMTS, Rohde & Schwarz anechoic chamber, Ixia IXChariot and IXVeriWave software, and octoBox testbed. In addition to our 5,000 sq. ft. test house, we provide environments engineered to meet the testing demands of devices deployed in today's and tomorrow's residential and commercial networks.

The Development Lab provides access to Kyrio’s 150+ years of experience to help on any project, plus it’s wealth of equipment and customized services including:

  • Access to CableLabs certified products, project test scripts, fixtures and test equipment
  • Access to five unique video streams
  • Pre-certification preparation and private lab space
  • Expert bug identification and troubleshooting

To access the Development Lab, contact us.

The Interop Lab

Kyrio hosts interoperability events and supports CableLabs-hosted interoperability events. These events provide vendors with the opportunity to test their products in a multi-vendor environment and/or with CableLabs-provided testing platforms.

Interoperability events are held for the benefit of product maturity only and will not result in Certification Board decisions. Events will be held for the purpose of validating multi-vendor interoperability in an as-complete end-to-end network environment as available. Email to schedule an interoperability event.

Let’s Work Together

Certification Testing

Test devices in environments that will ensure the very best end customer experience.

Kyrio is the exclusive test provider for CableLabs DOCSIS and PacketCable certification testing. Kyrio also provides certification testing for the Open Connectivity Foundation, Wireless Broadband Alliance, and SunSpec Alliance.

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Wireless Testing

Testing for the highest quality wireless connections

Create better end user experiences by understanding the performance capabilities of your devices in real world scenarios. Kyrio provides test plans for real world scenarios for your network gateways, embedded and standalone Wi-Fi access points, antenna and enclosure designs, and end user devices.

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Getting products and services ready for the modern network.

The Kyrio NFV Interoperability Lab is the ideal space to validate virtualization infrastructure, test virtual applications, develop proof-of-concept systems, and collaborate with leading participants in the SDN/NFV ecosystem.

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IoT Testing

Ensure devices are ready for the connected future.

Kyrio’s IoT testing ensures devices can handle the needs of the modern connected experience, regardless of make or manufacturer. With an increasing number of IoT devices, the entire IoT ecosystem requires interoperability, security, connectivity, and reliability.

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Network Testing

Get products to market and know they are ready to handle the rigors of the modern network.

Our complete network testing solutions ensure devices are compliant with networking and industry specifications, such as the CableLabs DOCSIS® specification. Our process helps accelerate market implementation while ensuring rapid deployment and interoperability.

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Kyrio's Consulting Services and Facilities

Use our lab as if it's your own.

Use our state-of-the-art 14,000 square foot lab or 5,000 square foot test house, to help reduce your internal costs, overcome periods of peak demand for your own lab/test services, and escape nonnegotiable backlog by increasing your velocity of development and testing.

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