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Kyrio’s Wi-Fi Roaming Hub

Kyrio operates the roaming hub ecosystem and infrastructure from frontend to backend. Covering connection, interconnect and mediation, billing and settlement, reporting, and service monitoring, our focus is accelerating roaming service offerings that are critical for operator competitive edge.

Kyrio’s Wi-Fi roaming hub expands the service reach beyond your own Wi-Fi network providing your subscribers with greater serviceability. Join in and be a part of a virtual national wireless operator collective that has an expansive footprint that allows all carriers to truly compete.


Radius hub, rating, and contract management

Data Clearing

Detailed reports including inbound and outbound network usage by provider

Financial Settlement

Managing payments, outstanding receivables, reconciliations, and dispute resolution

Directory Management

Data cleansing, distribution hub, branded finder pages, and finder applications

Directory Services

Locations of shared hotspots

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